Specialized services

Active Directory (AD), centralized management, security

Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that connect users to the network resources they need to do their jobs.

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Database management

Database management systems (DBMS) are software systems used to store, retrieve, and query data. A DBMS serves as the interface between the end user and the database and allows users to create, read, update, and delete data in the database.

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Help desk

We are at your disposal using the intuitive Helpdesk system.
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Hyper-V virtualization

Microsoft Hyper-V is Microsoft's virtualization platform, or "hypervisor," that allows administrators to make better use of hardware by virtualizing multiple operating systems that can run simultaneously on the same physical server.

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Internet Information Services

An Internet Information Services server (IIS server) is a Windows Server-based web application that is used to deliver website content over the Internet to an end user.

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Linux server management

Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX. Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project.

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Managing virtual servers

By definition, a server can be a computer, a storage device, or any program that manages network resources. While a virtual server is a server that divides the software and hardware capabilities of the server that creates these independent systems.

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Monitoring systems

Monitoring is a tool to help you keep your computer systems running smoothly, avoid downtime, and reduce your costs.

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Office 365, Microsoft 365

As of April 21, 2020, the official branding of Microsoft's productivity suite has changed from Office 365 to just Microsoft 365. The new naming convention reflects Microsoft's strategy to provide its customers with a single, complete productivity platform.

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Virtualization with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Kernel-based Virtual Machine(KVM) represents the modern generation of freely available open-source virtualization.

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VMware Virtualization

VMwawre is a leading manufacturer of virtualization solutions and products. Its platforms are used by both small and large companies.

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Windows server management

As a Windows Server administrator, you've probably used many of Windows Server's native Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or PowerShell to keep your infrastructure secure and available.

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