Virtualization with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Kernel-based Virtual Machine(KVM) represents the modern generation of freely available open-source virtualization.

When the KVM kernel module is installed, it turns the Linux OS kernel into a hypervisor. Because the standard OS Linux kernel is a hypervisor, it benefits from changes in the standard kernel (e.g., memory support, etc.). By optimizing the OS Linux components, it also benefits the hypervisor (host operating system) and guest Linux operating systems. For I/O emulation, KVM uses the QEMU software. QEMU is a program that emulates hardware. QEMU emulates the processor and a large list of peripherals: disk, network adapters, VGA, PCI, USB, serial/parallel ports, etc., in order to create a complete virtual hardware on which the guest operating system can be installed.

A separate qemu-kvm process is run for each VM virtual machine using libvirt at the request of system management handlers such as virsh and virt-manager. The goal of the libvirt library is to provide a common and stable management layer for virtual machines running on the hypervisor.

The properties of the virtual machines (number of CPUs, RAM size, I/O device configuration) are defined in separate XML files.

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