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Monitoring is a tool that helps you ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly, avoiding downtime and reducing your costs.IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organisation. IT infrastructure consists of multiple components such as hardware, network, applications, etc. For an organization to run smoothly, it is important that all these components work properly - autonomously as well as with each other. But how do we know if our IT infrastructure and its components are working properly? Through IT infrastructure monitoring. IT infrastructure monitoring not only helps you understand the state of the infrastructure at any given time, but it also helps you understand the performance of the infrastructure and can help predict events. Such a tool helps organizations make smarter business decisions and improve their organization.

What is IT infrastructure monitoring?

IT infrastructure monitoring is the process of gaining insights about your organization. It involves collecting data from various points, processing it and visualizing the data for understanding. It helps to put all the important events and activities in one place in an easy to understand manner.

Many organizations have IT infrastructure monitoring in place, but not every organization is taking full advantage of it. For example, commonly companies have a certain system/process in place to know when their server(s) go down. This may be enough to resolve a problem after it has occurred, but it is not always enough to prevent such occurrences. By using continuous monitoring, you can anticipate and prevent such problems. For example, let's say a server goes down due to overload. Based on analytics, you can predict when you can achieve high server traffic and add additional resources to prevent outages. Monitoring is an ongoing process and improves visibility into your IT infrastructure.

The monitoring tool can monitor almost any object that has an IP address.
It consists of a master server and one or more probes:

How does IT infrastructure monitoring help?

Resource management
Resources are one of the main and most important parts of the IT infrastructure. For this reason, you should pay close attention to resource management. You should neither have fewer resources than you need nor more resources than you need. You should try to have the optimal amount of resources. Monitoring your IT infrastructure will help you understand what is optimal for you. By analyzing the health and performance of your infrastructure, you can understand where and what resources you need to keep your organization running smoothly. With this intelligence, you can plan your resource management and make better decisions.
Reduced time to repair
You can set real-time alerts for specific thresholds. Therefore, you will know almost instantly when something goes wrong. As a result, your time to resolve the issue is reduced, ensuring less disruption to your workflow.
Early detection of problems
The world is moving from reactive to proactive. IT infrastructure monitoring helps you collect and analyze real-time and periodic data. With this data, you can get a detailed view of what's happening in your IT infrastructure. This way, you can identify problems in your infrastructure early, before they affect your workflow, and work to fix them.
Improved security
Security is an integral part of organizations. IT infrastructure monitoring can help you identify security threats and help you improve security. For example, certain spikes in the network may indicate an attack. Or an increase in suspicious users with unexpected privileges may indicate a security breach.
IT infrastructure monitoring can help you identify
Monitoring includes more than 250 different sensors. These range from platform-specific sensors to general hardware and bandwidth sensors. It is also possible to create custom sensors or write custom scripts that return data from applications. Monitoring has almost limitless possibilities and it is therefore possible to monitor virtually anything.

Optimise your network and avoid system outages with monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your network and servers allows you to find problems and fix them before they become a serious threat to your business. Our solutions help your business perform better:

We know about the problem immediately, reducing the time to resolve the issue
Avoid server or network performance issues
Provide your business with a better quality of service by being proactive
We will reduce your costs based on actual load
Increase profits by avoiding losses due to undetected system failures

Monitoring notifies you of events via email, SMS, push-up notifications, etc. So you know everything is running fine and you have more time to focus on your business.

At detect, we believe that monitoring plays an important role in reducing the need for human resources and increasing the efficiency of the entire organization. From optimizing their IT, OT and IoT infrastructure to reducing energy consumption or emissions, systems monitoring helps our customers save resources.


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