Computer, network and server management



At the outset, we will carry out a comprehensive audit and set everything up efficiently, taking into account your requirements, costs and objectives. We will prepare detailed documentation for the new setup, which will be updated regularly.
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Implementation of findings and new solutions

We are experts. That's why, both at the beginning and throughout the collaboration, we propose and can incorporate new solutions and innovations that will save not only your time, but also costs.
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Monitoring and maintenance

We constantly monitor all important systems so that any incidents are prevented. We make sure your IT runs smoothly.
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Incident handling
and requests

We are able to deal with any non-standard situations and your new requests promptly. All you need is one point of contact, our helpdesk, and our response via remote access or direct call-out to you is a matter of minutes. We contractually guarantee a response time of up to one hour.
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How many times have you dealt with a computer, network, data loss or various company technology problem in your company? A server that won't start, a network connection problem, or a hacked laptop and lost data? Did you struggle with it for days before you figured out a solution or how to prevent such situations?
There are hundreds of scenarios where a professional firm will provide you with help faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively than an in-house employee.

It's always about the money in the first place. The time and effort you put into maintaining, managing or setting up computers, networks or servers, or dealing with emergencies situations, you could be spending your time earning money. You know yourself that these tasks rob you of time you could be devoting to developing your business goals.

6 strongest arguments for IT outsourcing:

Have more time for your own business, and leave the service worries to us...
Get access to comprehensive and 17 years of experience "on call"...
Increase the security of your data and IT systems in today's risky online world...
Implement new technologies efficiently and without fear of change...
Reduce IT operating costs and increase your efficiency...
Stay ahead of the competition...

IT outsourcing

Benefit from having your IT resources managed by a professional firm. IT outsourcing is the way you can expand your capabilities and increase your competitiveness - just from the principle of the service you can change your human resource costs from fixed to variable, or save them to a large extent. Take advantage of our services and your colleagues can focus on your business.

We offer the following solutions:
management of company computers and networks
server management
cyber security
cloud services
specialized services

What precedes this?

An IT audit is the first step on the road to securely managing your systems and company data. Optimal solutions, including quotations, are part of every IT AUDIT. Are you interested in a free IT audit? Feel free to schedule an appointment today – email us.

I want an IT audit
An IT audit includes:
What condition your IT systems and computer networks are in
How to improve their productivity and functionality
How to avoid high IT service costs?
How to secure and archive your company data
How to optimally locate and manage your servers

How to conduct an IT audit



Our experienced IT expert will arrange an appointment with you.

It's time to uncover the weaknesses and risks that threaten your business. Unexpected outages and repairs can not only seriously affect the running of your business, but above all represent unnecessary costs and losses. Book a free IT AUDIT of your systems today.



Using a questionnaire, we will map the state of your information technology.

Our experienced expert will review the key aspects and parameters of your systems with you. We place emphasis on the security and protection of your data. Our analysis will in no way compromise or affect the operation of your business. We provide IT Audit services to several companies on a regular basis.



Evaluates the results and proposes the optimal solution for you.

The best in the end. We evaluate the results of the IT AUDIT and propose you cost and time optimal solutions. We will take into account not only the current situation of your systems but also your business and financial goals. Every audit includes a non-binding tailor-made quotation.

Designing new solutions and innovations

Based on the audit, we will propose the ideal tailor-made solution.
We will take into account the current situation, your business goals and opportunities,
offer improvements that:
  • effectively address current and future IT management requirements
  • save you time and human resources
  • reduce long-term IT management costs
  • use our knowledge and experience to create a coherent working system of a high standard


We will produce detailed documentation for the new setup, which will be continually updated.

Systematic monitoring of the infrastructure

The goal of IT management is a high-quality infrastructure, prompt and expert handling of requests and quick problem resolution without unnecessary waiting. And not only that. Systematic monitoring of your systems allows us to resolve a problem before you even register it. Continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure allows you to predict potential problems in advance. Thanks to monitoring, you can optimize your resources, save costs, increase security, plan ahead and make better decisions.

Steps to efficiency

We've been providing support and technology solutions for 17 years, so we can offer a strategic partnership that's exactly tailored to your needs. After analyzing your IT audit we will not only propose a cost and time optimal solution, but also take into account your future development trends. You can decide on the form and scope of cooperation, whether on a flat-rate basis or the provision of specific services.


We will assess, propose a solution, and then deploy and manage. No trial and error.

Integrated Helpdesk

Our remote management and monitoring allows you to address any IT requirements.

24/7 technical support

Includes monitoring, training, consultation, troubleshooting, strategic suggestions and overall optimization. 


We are familiar with all types of servers and we provide their management and monitoring.

Cloudová bezpečnosť

We design and provide protection along with the necessary documentation.

What not to be afraid of

The most common fear with any change is the change itself. However, in the case of IT outsourcing, there are also topics that raise concerns or question marks, figure prominently as the strongest points:

Performance and data security

It is a professional services firm with experienced IT professionals that has the procedures, experience and measures in place to successfully secure and maintain the protection of your sensitive data.

Increased costs

Quite the opposite – you make the fixed cost of a service technician – you pay them whether they intervene or not, a variable cost that you only pay when it is needed. In the case of a flat rate, the entire service costs you less than the cost of the staff.


Our services are pre-agreed, strategically planned and transparent. Take a look at our basic packages.

Take advantage of our more than 17 years of experience, and do business without worrying about technology

Price offer

Frequently asked questions

Does my company need to outsource IT administration?
Every company has a need to develop and improve its position on the market. IT is the most dynamically developing industry and professional expertise and experience will give you more suitable competitive advantages. With an expert IT audit, you will find out how to optimize your technique and benefit from the management of your IT potential so that you are more efficient, productive and competitive.
With new solutions, the question of security always arises. What guarantee do I have that my sensitive data will remain safe?
Security is a key competence in outsourced IT management. Even if companies with their internal IT team take certain preventive measures, compared to professional network service providers, they are very often not sufficient. Whether it is cyber attacks, leaks of sensitive information, or security when migrating to the Cloud, as IT experts we will develop a security plan for you and propose the right system solutions that will reliably prevent these risks.
I can't afford the extra cost at the moment, what about it?
On the contrary, the correct implementation of IT outsourcing often saves the company 50 to 70% of the costs of internal employees. Therefore saving, fearing change and remaining in the usual state is a point that does not bring innovation but maintains stagnation. IT outsourcing is a process that can quickly find financially effective new development opportunities, prevents risky emergency situations and brings stability, security, development and efficiency to business.
Isn't remote IT management less flexible than an in-house employee?
On the contrary, speed and transparency are benefits that professional IT outsourcing brings. Constant monitoring and fast reaction times for problem solving by qualified experts save time, money and ensure the smooth running of your company. We will propose you contractually guaranteed solutions with a transparent form of costs. IT systems are thus maintained in perfect condition 24/7 and the customer does not pay for service hours.
Why is one employee to manage IT more expensive than the services of a professional firm?
An employee who is in charge of IT or helps colleagues with IT management often costs the company around 2000 Euros per month. If he even has a cumulative workload, his capacities are far narrower than the portfolio of knowledge and experience of a professional company. Therefore, even if you employ a part-time worker, professional management will always be cheaper and far more effective.

The most common mistakes
when deciding on IT management

"We'll buy a new server ourselves, after all it can't be complicated."
Companies often make the mistake of trying to handle big decisions on their own. This is a very critical moment because they can make the wrong decision and their further development can then be limited. They spend a lot of money unnecessarily. For example they buy an unsuitable server and subsequently cannot implement the necessary solutions. So they have to buy the server again. Leave it to the experts and make key changes in cooperation with them. At the end of the day, they will save you money and help you develop faster.
"We'll find a handy temp to do the IT, we don't need a professional company."
A brigadier can sometimes be enough. However, he does not have that much experience and is not an expert in every branch of IT. He does not have to be a good administrator and at the same time a good networker, etc. We have several years of experience with the functioning of companies, we know what to watch out for and how to properly advise the company. We have several experts. While a part-time worker is not replaceable - he may be sick or have other activities, we contractually guarantee the availability of our services.
"Security is not that important to us, we keep important documents on local storage."
Companies often think that what is at home "in the office" counts and is not at risk. But have you heard of cryptoviruses? They are viruses that encrypt all your data and it is irretrievably gone. Backup is an important part of IT in every company, as well as network security. Therefore, it is certainly more reasonable to hire IT professionals for security.
"The cloud is dangerous, we want to keep our data with us."
The opposite is often true. Security in the cloud is usually at a very high level. All systems are duplicated, backup batteries, generators, fire extinguishing systems, powerful firewalls, physical security - all this would have to be built in your company. In addition, the cloud offers great flexibility: you only rent what you need and you don't have to buy anything. Do you want to see for yourself? We will prepare a comprehensive comparison of self-hosted VS cloud.
"Why increase your costs by working with an IT company when that's the way it's worked so far?"
The management of the company can evaluate the current situation as satisfactory: the employees are working, all the processes are fine, only occasionally there is a small hitch. However, there is one big BUT. Isn't this view distorted? Have you ever encountered the feeling: "how could I live without it at all until now?" People often don't know that things could work better. For example, if employees send documents by e-mail or have slower PCs, they are not working very efficiently. If an employee spends 1 hour a day just waiting for a technician, with 30 employees it is 30 hours a day, or 600 hours per month. How about that? Don't make employees ineffective! We will help you set up your processes and IT more optimally.
"The IT company won't help us with everything anyway."
Complete IT outsourcing includes all IT areas. We are your single point of contact. From a lost desktop icon to building a server solution. Don't waste time contacting different suppliers and getting tossed around like a hot potato. Contact us and we will communicate and solve everything for you.


Simple and direct communication
with the customer
Clear and straightforward. With us you know exactly how much you will pay. We answer all your questions clearly and advise you on the optimal combination of products and services.
Services and prices

Certainty and security

What condition is your IT in?
Get an overview and save
The state of the technology in your company is directly reflected in your costs. Don't neglect the security of your data and devices. Let us show you where you stand and how you can save. Contact us today.
IT audit

The right approach

Willingness is our
key to success
For more than 12 years, we've built our success on customer satisfaction. We know that a human approach and willingness is the basis for quality cooperation. Who are our long-term customers and why did they choose us?
More about us

Why choose Detect?

How to choose the right IT Outsourcing? There are many companies on the market that offer the same range of services at similar prices.
Who should you entrust with the security of your systems? How to get security?

The first step to your satisfaction is to map your current technologies. Our experts will explain to you on the basis of a free IT audit,
what state your IT is in. We'll show you potential problems and present you with solutions. You have the opportunity to get to know us personally and make a no-obligation decision,
whether you want to work with us. Who are our long-term customers and why did they choose us? Read on.


Are you interested in cooperation?

Every successful collaboration starts with a first meeting or quote.
Contact us today.


We hold several certificates. Expert management of your IT systems is provided by trained staff.

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