Do you want more productivity in your company? Make it happen!

Since the days of the Crown Home Office, several companies have noticed that employee responsibility and employee productivity have not declined with the ability to work from home. Quite the opposite. Some surveys report up to 23% improvement in employee performance when they have conditions that respect their work-life balance.

The question remains: what kind of background does a company offer to allow a person to work anytime, anywhere, while staying connected to others?

One way to make the tools in a company become much more productive is the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Imagine a situation where all your employees have access to all documents (that they have permission for) no matter what device they are connecting from. Where everyone can always find the most recent, up-to-date version of a document, easily find its history, and easily restore it in the case of loss or accidental deletion. And not only that. Microsoft 365 supports collaboration on a single project for multiple users at the same time, making it easy for team members to coordinate and exchange ideas. All it takes is an internet connection, and it doesn't matter if the employee connects via Mac, Windows, tablet, or phone.

Access from anywhere, anytime?

Yes, we know what you're thinking – security. Microsoft 365 has high standards for security and privacy. From security updates, to data encryption, to multi-factor authentication. Microsoft 365 will even alert you to a ransomware or malicious attack and help restore your OneDrive files to their previous state, so cyber criminals can't get to those files. Plus, all company devices can be controlled and managed remotely to keep your data and information under control.

Another great advantage is that applications are automatically updated to the latest version without you having to think or even do anything about it.
So, how long a journey does a Word document take in your company?

Feel free to contact us to get the whole system seeded, set up, and tweaked. We'll help you choose the package that will be most effective for your needs and workflow. By implementing it in your company, you'll get more flexibility for your employees and some other goodies, which we'll discuss in a future blog.





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