Cyber security checklist

The question today is not whether you can be hit by a cyber attack... It's certain that you can. The question is whether you can get your business up and running again in a matter of hours. Cybersecurity today is becoming more important in direct proportion to increasing digitalisation. On one hand, this brings efficiency in all its shades and offers companies an increase in potential, on the other hand, the risk of vulnerability increases.


Do you know what basic steps are involved in a security review?

Test yourself to see if a security audit is an acute necessity for you or if you just need to fine-tune some details. How is your business doing or what can you ask your IT department?


      Do we have a backup plan?

Do we have a regular data backup plan implemented?

Is data backed up in multiple, physically separate locations?


      Can we restore traffic and data within 24 hours?

Do we have a set amount of time to restore data in the event of loss or corruption?

Has this recovery process been tested in real-world conditions?

Can we restore operations to a state when we hadn’t incurred a loss?


      Do we use multi-factor authentication for access to sensitive systems?

Is multi-factor authentication mandatory for all employees with access to sensitive information?


      Are our security policies and procedures regularly updated?

Do we review and update security policies at least annually or after each major change in IT infrastructure?


      Is our network protected by firewall and anti-virus software?

Are these systems regularly updated and monitored?


      Is there a security incident response plan?

Do we have a tested plan in place to respond to different types of security incidents, including data leaks?


      Do we conduct regular penetration tests and security audits?

Are these tests conducted by independent experts at least annually?


      Do our employees receive regular cyber security training?

Do all new employees receive security training upon hire?

Are regular security training and tests conducted at least once a year?


These basic questions will give you an initial overview of where your business stands in terms of cyber security. Even if you have an internal IT department that handles the day-to-day running of your business, we definitely recommend having a comprehensive security audit done by a professional firm. For one thing, the knowledge and experience of such a firm can cover far broader areas, and the independent perspective of professionals can be more useful and secure.


How can we help you?


Thoroughness and expertise: our teams are made up of certified security experts who have extensive experience in operating and auditing IT infrastructures of various sizes. We use the latest tools and techniques to identify and eliminate security risks.

Customised solutions: we understand that every business is unique. Our service is designed to reflect your organisation's specific needs and challenges, ensuring the most effective tailored solutions.

A comprehensive approach: from risk analysis to implementing security measures to regular monitoring and updates, we cover all aspects of cybersecurity to keep you safe from new and existing threats.

With our audits and ongoing IT governance, you'll not only strengthen your defences against cyber threats, but also gain the trust of clients and partners by adhering to the latest data security rules and standards.

Ongoing support: our support doesn't end with an audit. We offer continuous monitoring and rapid response to security incidents so your business can operate without interruptions.

Protect your business and invest in a professional security audit. Contact us today and stay one step ahead.


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Security gaps and penetration testing

Security tests and audits

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