Cyber and computer security

To secure a computer system, it is necessary to understand the attacks and threats, analyze the vulnerability of the company and develop a strategy that will ensure the state of cyber and computer security.

3 steps to ensure cybersecurity:

threat prevention
threat detection
threat response

Types of cyber attacks

Phishing, Privilege Escalation, Spoofing, Ransomware, and Malware are just some of the types of cyber attacks that can cause irreversible damage without a thorough security strategy. Often times, companies may only have a vague idea of how vulnerable a company, and indeed its employees, can be in an online environment.

Computer security

Computer security involves securing endpoints such as computers, laptops, servers, virtual machines and laaS, which protects the IT infrastructure from within the business. We monitor and update security measures for all of the organization's systems: firewalls, email security, antivirus and antimalware software, access control, application security, mobile device security, etc.


As part of cybersecurity, we ensure that information is protected and kept safe from unauthorized access from outside, such as from hackers. Our work consists of securing critical infrastructure, securing the cloud, preventing data loss, educating end users, etc. This protects data transmitted across public and private networks.

What we do

As everywhere else, prevention is many times cheaper than remediation. A systematic and affordable expert solution is advantageous both in terms of human resources, access to expert knowledge, complexity, and in terms of the actual costs involved compared to an in-house solution.

Infrastructure audit

As part of the initial audit, we will map your infrastructure, processes and critical systems in your company.

Identification of risks

We identify vulnerabilities, potential threats and weaknesses. We will familiarize you with the possible risks.

Strategy design

We will design a comprehensive systematic security strategy and ensure its implementation.

Systematic control

We will ensure regular updating of security features and systematic monitoring.

Why choose detect?

How to choose the right IT Outsourcing? There are many companies on the market that offer the same range of services at similar prices.
Who should you entrust with the security of your systems? How to get security?

The first step to your satisfaction is to map your current technologies. Our experts will explain to you on the basis of a free IT audit,
what state your IT is in. We'll show you potential problems and present you with solutions. You have the opportunity to get to know us personally and make a no-obligation decision,
whether you want to work with us. Who are our long-term customers and why did they choose us? Read on.


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