Network security

Securing the network and the entire network infrastructure is one of the activities where by outsourcing you get not only the expert support of a dedicated team, but also effective and continuous 24/7 monitored protection.

Here too, building an in-house team can seem like an inefficient and high-cost solution. Just as underestimating or failing to continuously improve security measures can be even more costly in the long run.

By outsourcing care, you get efficient and extensive security controls, expert operations and system processes that ensure smooth and seamless network connections on your end. There's nothing worse than your clients experiencing limited traffic due to network issues or loss of trust due to information leakage.

Benefits of network security oustoursing

Proactive and express problem recognition:

You don't need to send technicians to fix the fault, we can fix it before it is even registered.


Your world-class security and responsiveness builds confidence that you are a reliable partner for your clients.


Our expert solutions are agile, flexible and provide highly advanced protection.

Why choose detect?

How to choose the right IT Outsourcing? There are many companies on the market that offer the same range of services at similar prices.
Who should you entrust with the security of your systems? How to get security?

The first step to your satisfaction is to map your current technologies. Our experts will explain to you on the basis of a free IT audit,
what state your IT is in. We'll show you potential problems and present you with solutions. You have the opportunity to get to know us personally and make a no-obligation decision,
whether you want to work with us. Who are our long-term customers and why did they choose us? Read on.


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We hold several certificates. Expert management of your IT systems is provided by trained staff.

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